20th Energy Globe World Award, November 12-13,2019 Espoo, Finland

The Energy Globe Day and the 20th Energy Globe World Award will be held November 12 & 13, 2019 in Espoo, Finland. The Energy Globe Day will be presented the best practices and success stories which have projects to achieve sustainability in the areas of “Energy saving, energy efficiency, new and renewable energy, Clean water, saving water and Recycling water, Air pollution, climate change, Plastic, and youth creative projects”. 
The Energy Globe World Award is the largest and most credible event in sustainability which is held annually with the participation of 182 countries. The aim of event is to introduce and appreciation of the best sustainable projects in 5 categories “Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Youth”.
This year’s the event will be hosted by the city of Espoo. A city that has achieved a high degree of sustainability in urban areas in recent years.

Energy Globe World Award / 182 Nations Take Part

The Energy Globe with its 182 participating countries is today the most significant environmental award worldwide.
For approximately twenty years now the Energy Globe Award has been honoring outstanding, sustainable projects in the fields of environment and energy. All projects aiming at protecting the environment as well as improving our life situation have been submitted, all together about
20 000 “Best Practice” projects.
Scientists proclaim already the ecological collapse in the next decades, The Energy Globe submissions show already the solutions for the most environmental problems.
High ranked personalities, like Maneka Gandhi support the activities of Energy Globe.
Every year the Energy Globe World Award takes place in unique locations, like the plenary hall
of the European Parliament. The best sustainable projects are awarded in the categories of live, these are energy, air, water, earth and youth.
Now Yazd is the next place for the Energy Globe World Award and that is perfect. Many
historian say that sustainability was invented in Yazd some hundred years ago, as for instance they used wind towers for air-conditioning without energy.
So we can say Energy Globe comes back to the roots and celebrates Yazd as the headquarter of sustainability, together with 182 nations, which take part.
Everybody in the world is invited to take part in this unique ceremony by livestream.

The conference for sustainable cities and towns/ 1000 cities Take Part

Simultaneously with the Energy Globe World Award in Yazd, there is now also organized a conference for sustainable cities and towns for the first time. Partner of this conference in Yazd, the birth of sustainability, is the UN program “United Smart Cities”, with about 1000 participant’s cities.
Target is presenting cities which solved important environmental problems like air pollution, waste, water supply and so on. By presenting this solutions on the base of “Best Practice”, cities and towns worldwide will be motivated for similar acting to save our world and to preserve a livable future for next generations.
This means also, let us work together by comparing knowledge and implementation and every year Yazd will present the best technologies in the conference for sustainable cities and towns.
Yazd shows also that there are no borders for sustainability, therefore let us save our world together and take part in this ceremony by livestream.

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