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What is the Sustainable Hotel Certificate?

Excessive consumption of resources in hotels, on the one hand, has led to increased economic costs and, on the other hand, has increased environmental negative impacts.

A sustainable hotel (Green Hotel) is a hotel that reduces the negative environmental impacts and also reduces direct and indirect costs by optimal consumption of resources. The Sustainable Hotel Certificate helps hotels with using guidelines and checklists can move in sustainability way.

According to the report of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), in the last decade demand of tourists for staying in The Green Hotels has increased by 57% and this demand is increasing significantly, each year.

What are the Sustainable Hotel Certificate benefits?

  • Significant reduction in the hotel’s current and operational costs
  • Increased income due to Create a new range of environment-friendly customers which will choose your green hotel
  • Reducing negative environmental impacts
  • Create a popular image of the hotel in the community
  • The certificate is valid for 3 years
  • Membership in the green hotels global network for 3 years
  • Reduce legal and social pressures by the government and NGOs

What are our advantages?

  • 30 Years Experience in development of Sustainability and Green approach
  • The world’s most prestigious certificate of sustainability
  • 182 countries are our members and take part in this certificate
  • The highest standards, guidelines and checklists
  • Our experts support for 1 year free of charge

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