Green Building

Today, construction and demolition practices in urban environments cause problemsand cause many failures for citizens at all stages of its implementation.
Since the construction of a building begins or a building to be renovated, it affects the lives and comfort of its neighbors and citizens.
The construction method in its traditional way is very time-consuming, and this leads to increased noise pollution, environmental pollution, increased costs and accumulation of materials in the workshop environment and around the site during the construction phase.
Also, the construction method is such that in many cases the destruction of the existing structure is hardly possible and the residual remains cannot be returned to nature, and in addition, in many cases it has caused physical and financial losses to the citizens and construction workers.
Consequently, the necessity of controlling, monitoring and rationalizing the methods of destruction and construction seems to be necessary.
The green building for homes is an innovative way to improve the original shift of the construction industry towards more sustainable ways. The green building method is the best environmental attribute.
The Green Building is an innovative and collaborative way of working actively with all sectors of the home-building industry. Green building, by recognizing sustainable buildings and structures in homes, helps builders make their homes stand out as some of the best houses in the markets and use a well-known international brand. In addition, home buyers can more easily identify third-party green building approvals.

Consulting of Green Building
Most green building programs address innovation and design, sustainable site, energy and atmosphere, water productivity, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality and training and awareness. Sustain Ever teams has expertise in all of these areas, and is skilled at assembling a design team, or assisting an existing design team in using a cohesive approach to creating high performance buildings. Sustain Ever can perform the required testing and verification to certify your structure. Whether an individual home owner, developer, property manager, architect, or builder, we can help you with the certification for “Green Building.
Our team of accredited professionals can provide the following technical services:
• Training and consulting on environmentally-responsible building design and construction
• Process guidance and administration, which includes scheduling, task management, documentation, and submittal preparation
• Environmental materials research and recommendations
• Design reviews and in-field training and diagnostics
• Development of specifications to support the process
• Energy performance modeling and building optimization
• Lighting, day lighting, renewable energy and passive solar consultations
• Project-specific educational presentations for the project team or client
• Equipment and life-cycle analysis and costing
• Auditing of projects in deferent phases and preparing for certification

Green Building Standards
Our experts prepare your green projects based on LEED (Leadership IN Energy and Environmental Design) standard from U.S Green Building Council and DGNB guideline from German Green Building Council.

Energy Modeling
Our experts can provide energy modeling of your planned or existing commercial or residential building. We use software that models a simulation of the building envelope, HVAC equipment, lighting, and building schedules.
Using this information we can, predict energy savings resulting from design alternatives that may include day-lighting, building orientation, window or shading improvement, more efficient lighting, and/or HVAC equipment.
Analyze energy upgrades to your building to help predict energy savings.
Provide the documentation needed to qualify for energy credits in certification programs.
Energy Performance Analysis & Testing
Sustain Ever GmbH conducts energy audits on residential and commercial buildings. The analysis and testing often feature the use of diagnostic equipment such as blower doors, duct testers, moisture meters, combustion analysis equipment and infrared cameras. An energy analysis can identify the sources of problems that waste energy, create poor indoor air quality, or reduce the comfort in the structure. It provides recommendations for improving the quality of the structure, maximizing the efficiency of existing equipment, and other means for reducing energy, water and resource use and enhancing indoor environmental quality.