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UN annual reports emphasize the risks to the volatile economy associated with an increase in tourism volumes. The result of this phenomenon is degradation of the quality of natural resources. In fact, the concentration and excessive use of tourists from areas leads to the destruction of these areas. Biodiversity conservation is a new approach to the sustainable development of natural resources that in order to achieve this, the tourism industry needs new requirements and this has led to the codification of an integrated global strategy for environmental protection.Since the hotel industry is considered to be the heart of tourism activities, it is important to review and evaluate the environmental damaging impacts of hotels and the surrounding area.

Sustainable hotels (green hotel) are hotels that emphasize on environmental values and land conservation in their daily affairs and focus on delivering high quality services through optimal energy, water, other resources use and reduced waste production and pollutants.

The statistics of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) show the growing popularity of tourists around the world to select green hotels. The reasons for tendency of hotels to become sustainable are as follows:

Attention and loyalty of nature lovers to environmental values, increasing brand value and customer loyalty in the context of respect for the environment, gaining recognition and reputation in the form of social marketing, reducing costs and proper management of resources, and enhancing the productivity.

Green Hotel Goals:

  • A significant reduction in the operational and service costs with a view to creating competitiveness and sustainability in the hotel
  • Create a new range of environment-friendly customers
  • Eco-management as a daily task of management
  • Identify important criteria for the hotel to ensure continuity and performance of the activities
  • Logical promotion of productivity in the use of natural resources
  • Creating opportunities for the hotel to take the first step forward in order to benefit from the integrated environmental management system.

The concept of the best environmental practices in the hotel industry:

  • Economic justification for the use of natural resources
  • Reduce waste volume and improve waste management
  • Create purchasing guidelines that are consistent with environmental issues
  • Improving the quality of the hotel’s indoor environment
  • Informing hotel staff about the importance of environmental issues and increasing their participation
  • Informing hotel guests about the importance of environmental issues and increasing their participation


Focus areas in Green Hotel:

  • Calculating water consumption and its economic justification
  • Saving and protecting local resources
  2- Energy
  • Control the use of energy and calculate its consumption
  • Energy saving and reducing atmospheric pollution
  3- Waste
  • Reduce waste from scratch and improve its management
  • Implementation of recovery and recycling strategies
  • Reducing the environmental impacts of consumption
  • Promoting Regional, Biological and Social Development
  • Improve the use of handmade products and minimize waste
  • Proper management of hotel logistics
  6-Air Quality, Noise and View
  • Reduce sound pollution
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Reducing negative impacts on the outlook


The green hotel model has more than 150 indicators in the domains mentioned above. These indicators can be used in the form of user-defined checklists and allows the user to audit and rate the hotel in terms of the conditions of a green hotel.

The method of scoring in this model determines the distance to the ideal level and the user can define the improvement projects accordingly.

Auditing and Certification:

This model, after implementation of improvement projects and internal audits by users, based on hotel request, External audits are conducted by the experts of Sustain Ever and ultimately lead to a formal certification by The Energy Globe Foundation.

The Energy Globe Foundation is the largest organization that evaluates and supports environmental programs and sustainability projects worldwide. The Foundation began its activity nearly 30 years ago. Currently, 182 countries are official members of the Foundation.

More than 20,000 projects, organizations and companies have been evaluated by this Foundation and they are honored with certificates and awards. The Energy Globe Foundation Certificate is the world’s most prestigious certificate which is recognized in 182 countries.

Note: An external audit of hotel can be made in an unobstructed and self-explanatory manner by the applicant.


The process of attending the green hotel certificate:

Action Hotel Sustain Ever Energy Globe
  Completing the green hotel registration online form
  Declaration the conditions and participation fee
  Sending an official letter
  Paying the participation cost
  Sending the self-audit checklist and Guideline of green hotel
  Submitting reports of the hotel’s self-audit and future environmental improvement plans
  Evaluating the audit reports and hotel improvement projects
  Issuing Green Hotel Certificate based on hotel score


Participation Fee:

Up to 20 Rooms 21-50 Rooms 51-100 Rooms 101-150 Rooms 151-200 Rooms 201-300 Rooms more 300 Rooms
Euro 1250 Euro 1500 Euro 2000 Euro 2500  Euro 3000 Euro 3800 Euro 4500


Certification Level:

The hotel will score on the basis of self-auditing in the framework of green hotel checklists as well as improvement projects that have been defined for the future.This rating shows the effectiveness and commitment of the hotel to achieve sustainability.The points awarded will determine the level of green hotel certification.

-Bronze Level:

  • Coverage of green hotel requirements from 10% to 25% : Bronze Certificate

-Silver Level:

  • Coverage of green hotel requirements from 25% to 40% : Silver Certificate

-Gold Level:

  • Coverage of green hotel requirements from 40% to 50% : Gold Certificate- One Star *
  • Coverage of green hotel requirements from 50% to 60% : Gold Certificate- Two Star **
  • Coverage of green hotel requirements from 60% to 70% : Gold Certificate- Three Star ***

-Platinum Level:

  • Coverage of green hotel requirements from 70% to 80% : Platinum Certificate – One Star *
  • Coverage of green hotel requirements from 80% to 90% : Platinum Certificate – Two Star **
  • Coverage of green hotel requirements from 90%  Up : Platinum Certificate – Three Star ***





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