About Us

Sustain Ever (SE) is an International Company, based in Austria, which provides Information & knowledge of Green Thinking, Technology, Business (Renewable and Clean), and Green Excellence Models, and services in Green Assessment, Green Events, and Training course.
It has established by some experts and professionals of Green approaches that they have more than 20 years’ experience about it.
Owners of SE could hold some international events with 180 countries and develop Green Idea in all of the world.
Energy Globe Foundation (EnergyGlobe.info) (EGF) is a strategy partner of SE, and SE with EGF employ approximately 400 people worldwide and across Europe, middle east, north of Africa and east of Asia.
SE and EGF has developed the especial Green Model which industries. for example, SE provides Management Systems Model in “Green bank”, “Green Hotel”, “Green Education”, “Green Building”, “Green Product”, “Green Office”, and so on.
Those Green Models provide the green criteria to industries that can assess themselves and find effectiveness and efficiency solutions for Green Completion and get round their problems.
SE believes it is important to develop Environmantal Responsibility in Industries and businesses that will be able to keep them from economy and social challenges.
SE promotes excellent sustainable solution in the Europe and it also aims to encourage more people and communities across the world to take up the challenge of finding new ways of meeting their energy needs.